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What is BlackCoin?

BlackCoin is a cryptocurrency based on the proof-of-stake concept. BlackCoins are generated through minting. Every BlackCoin account generates a stake interest of 1% annually to keep the system secure. In addition, BlackCoin is similar to a conventional account, but with the difference that BlackCoin Coin is always free of charge and cannot be influenced by external organizations due to denationalization. This results in a high degree of security and anonymity that sets the service apart from traditional banking. In addition, payments made are immediately realized. Only the software is required to use BlackCoin Coin. The service also offers a high degree of transparency, which is guaranteed due to the peer-to-peer principle. The currency’s limit also guarantees stability of value. Each user has an annual interest rate of 1%, so that the technology can be further developed and the security provided can be increased.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and BlackCoin Coin?

Bitcoin is the basis of BlackCoin. In contrast to Bitcoin, however, BlackCoin is smaller and more agile. The implementation of innovative changes is easier to implement within the framework of the BlackCoin Coin. The developers also want to take blockchain technology to the next level and offer an even higher level of security. Furthermore, the BlackCoin coin is based on the proof-of-stake concept, which allows a more efficient and faster verification of transactions. In contrast, the Bitcoin model is based on the proof-of-work principle. In order to make the BlackCoin Coin attractive for the community, the developers implemented the option to dig coins and combined this with the proof-of-stake principle.

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